Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blog Hoppin': 3 for Thursday

Hallelujah!  It's almost Friday!  This is the first full week of school for me and it is kickin' my rump...getting back into the routine is not so easy this year.  Anywhoo, to celebrate Friday-eve let's talk about my favorite things!

First up: my favorite font.  This is a really tough category!  I'm going to include my favorite "teaching" font and my favorite "fun" font because they are certainly not the same.

Next: my favorite teaching blog.  I look at quite a few and really love many.  I follow around 100 and add more every week!  However, if I must pick one favorite I think it would be April Larramore.  She always have fabulous stuff and lots of themed ideas!

Chalk Talk

And finally my favorite teacher resource website.  As I mentioned a few days ago, I LOVE my SmartBoard!  So I think my favorite website is Smart Exchange.  They have great programs
 already put together that I can edit to be exactly what I need.  Also, their Smart Table programs are fabulous when I have access to the Smart Table!  I also use Jessica Meacham's site a lot.  Especially as I start my Daily 5!  And, like everyone else this summer, I've become a Pinterest fanactic.

So there are my favorites!  Thanks for checking them out :)


  1. Hey, Samantha, thank YOU for joining my blog, too :)
    I'm getting a SmartBoard any day now. I can hardly wait! So I'm glad you mentioned Smart Exchange. I didn't know anything about that.

    Grade ONEderful

  2. Thanks for the anniversary wishes, Samantha! I was going to put how many years but it makes me look too old ~ ha ha!

    Grade ONEderful