Sunday, August 21, 2011


So through my classroom blog, I stumbled onto a parent's blog and was reading her entry about the first day of her kiddo in my class. I know that this is her first child to go to kindergarten and I imagine that is extremely difficult for a parent.  But she expressed a concern that I may not be as caring as I need to be.  My first reaction and shock because we only spoke for about 5 minutes so how can she possibly know how caring I am?  My second reaction is disappointment that a parent would get that first impression.  I am a very caring person; I don't think you could teach kindergarten (or any grade really) and not truly love the students in your class.  I really hope that I can alleviate her fears and make this mom see that we both care of her child and want what is best for her.  I guess maybe that is just what I get for peeking onto a parent's blog..I won't make that mistake again. :(


  1. Try not to worry. Parents are super sensitive when their kiddies first go to school. She might have just been having a bad day. I bet she'll realize how wonderful you really are before too very long. Sorry this happened to you.

    Grade ONEderful

  2. That's too bad she felt the need to post that about you. Not cool!
    I've been teaching for 12 years at the same school and I still get parents at Orientation who ask me if this is my first year teaching!?! I don't know what I do to give off that vibe!
    By Open House they usually learn that I know my stuff and it isn't my first rodeo.