Sunday, August 14, 2011

VistaPrint Goodies

After spending my summer addicted to teaching blogs, I decided to join the others in their VistaPrint fun!  I ordered a bunch of fun stuff for $30!  Hopefully all my notecards won't get forgotten through the year ;)
First up, a "thank you" card for volunteers.
Then a positive communications notecard..."something to hoot about" fits my owl/forest theme :)
Last, conference reminder cards.  I *love* how shiny and professional they are!

Fun notepads for me!  Owls because I <3 them and a dolphin because it is our school mascot.
Business card magnets with my contact information for my parents!
Bucketfillers poster.  It's pretty basic but I'm going to read the book/discuss with the class and then we will all sign the poster and hang it by our buckets to fill!
My favorite thing!  A small banner to hang outside my room for the first of school!
Thanks for checking out my fun VistaPrint loot!  I will *finally* have some classroom photos up soon, so check back!

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